Sake brewed by "brewery in Ishikawa" using "carefully selected rice harvested in Ishikawa" and "water runs through Ishikawa".

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Ishikawa Prefecture is blessed with scenic nature such as Satoyama and Satoumi (mountainous / coastal areas where the natural environment is maintained by moderate human intervention while local productivity is enhanced). Hakusanroku, the mountainous area in Mt.Hakusan located in the southern part of the prefecture, is home to golden eagles that is said to be a proof of the richness in nature.

The golden eagle is designated as the Prefectural animal of Ishikawa, and is protected with great care, along with its habitat.

This symbol mark is given to sake brewed with thoroughly selected "rice" and "water" nurtured in such environment.

Area Information (ISHIKAWA)


Ishikawa Prefecture flourished as a castle town to Kaga Hyakumangou, the Kaga Domain during the Edo period. Ishikawa still carries the sense of the old tradition and culture. It is also very popular for hot springs.